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CAIU becomes ECAIU!

University of Wollongong in Dubai and European Network for Academic Integrity Collaborate to Establish Academic Integrity Center in UAE

Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE has now become ENAI WG Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE!

In a groundbreaking moment, the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) has inked a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) to establish the ENAI WG Centre for Academic Integrity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ENAI, a prominent global consortium funded by Erasmus+, boasts a membership of over 45 universities and is universally acknowledged as a leading authority on matters related to research, practice, and guidelines concerning academic and research integrity. The network's extensive collaborations with regional and international agencies, such as the Council of Europe, underscore its influence in the field.

The ENAI WG Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE (ECAIU) initially emerged in 2020 as a voluntary network of devoted faculty and educators drawn from various UAE-based universities and schools. The Center's mission was clear: to foster a culture of integrity within the local academic community. Dr. Zeenath Reza Khan, the Founding President of ECAIU and Assistant Professor and Program Director at UOWD, praised the Center's resilience amid the challenges posed by the virtual environment during the pandemic. She remarked, "Despite the challenges of the virtual environment, the Centre successfully conducted numerous student and faculty workshops, awareness campaigns, competitions, and publications. We also established a Student Board and Active Committee, which is a significant accomplishment."

This year, the Center is relaunching as a Working Group under the aegis of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI), with UOWD's in-house research cluster serving as its legal anchor in the UAE.

To commemorate this momentous occasion and mark the launch of the newly revised Springer Nature book titled "Ethics and Integrity in Teacher Education," the Center collaborated with UOWD to orchestrate a grand gala evening on May 2nd, 2023. The event featured a book reading, a panel discussion, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Distinguished guests in attendance included luminaries such as Dr. Susanna Karakhanyan, the 7th President of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE); Dr. Salim Razi, founding board member of ENAI and Vice Dean at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey; Dr. Ted Purinton, Founding Dean at Sharjah Education Academy, alongside other esteemed dignitaries.

The book reading was skillfully conducted by Ms. Stephanie Martin, a Senior Teacher at the Australian International School and a UOWD alumna, and Ms. Veena Mulani, Subject Leader at Al Diyafah High School and also a UOWD alumna. Both Stephanie and Veena co-authored chapters in the book and shared their personal reflections on their journeys as educators, students, and co-authors. Following the book reading, a panel discussion titled "Ethics and Integrity in Teacher Education" unfolded, moderated by Dr. Zeenath Reza Khan, an author and co-editor of the book. The panel comprised distinguished speakers including Dr. Susanna Karakhanyan, Dr. Salim Razi, Dr. Ted Purinton, Professor Christopher Hill, Founding Vice President of ECAIU and Professor at the Faculty of Education, British University in Dubai, and Dr. Afnan Boutrid, Author and Assistant Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Wollongong in Dubai.

The ceremony was further enriched by student testimonials from various universities who shared their experiences as integrity champions, elucidating their roles in organizing campus events to raise awareness about academic integrity. The relaunch of the Center was marked by a poignant ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony led by Professor Mohamed Salem, President of UOWD.

The evening's festivities culminated in an enchanting live music performance by the UOWD Band, encapsulating the spirit of unity and celebration that defined this momentous occasion.

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