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ECAIU faculty and student members constantly strive to engage in academic research, through voluntary effort, collaborations and/or funding received in partnership with faculty, that often lead to publications, conference presentations and guides that are made available as open-access to the greater community. 

Artificial Intelligence Content Generators in Education for Schools and Universities  - A good practice guide - 2023

This guideline has been developed in consultation with international experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Academic Integrity for teachers, faculty, researchers, management, and policymakers. The guide is meant to be a quick, easy reference point to help the reader develop understanding and increase awareness of AI content generator tools, their opportunities and threats, discover how best to mitigate risks and recognise the benefits to better enhance students’ learning journey that will make them future ready.

To cite this document:

Khan, Z.R (2023). Artificial Intelligence Content Generators in Education for Schools and Universities: A GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE. European Network for Academic Integrity Working Group Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE. University of Wollongong in Dubai. Version 1-FEB-23. Available Online. URL:

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UOW Age of Integrity Game - 2023

UOW Age of Integrity online games is a collection of six games at varying levels of difficulty, developed as part of a research project at University of Wollongong in partnership with UOW in Dubai, Malaysia and ENAI. The games are online, easy to access, and do not collect or store data, ensuring student or player privacy. The six modules are designed to be simple, straight-forward, stand-alone, without necessity for prior training.

To cite this game:

Khan, Z.R., Rogerson, A., Ike, T.T.C.,, Mi-Chelle, L., Sivasubramanian, S., Razi, S., Dyer, J., Bjelobaba, S., Reddy, M. Dlabolova, D. H., Foltynek, T. and Gomes, S. F. (2023) UOW Age of Integrity (Game). (v.1) UOW LTC [Funder]. European Network for Academic Integrity [Platform]. Available URL -

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Counting Essay Mills Targetting Students in the UAE - 2022

This study highlights the urgent need to address the growing threat of contract cheating in higher education. Contract cheating sites, which have surged during emergency distance learning, pose a significant risk to academic integrity. The issue was underscored by a 2015 scandal in Australia, leading to the criminalization of such services. These sites exploit students, often blackmailing them post-service delivery. The extent of this problem in the UAE is unclear, prompting the study to employ a Boolean search technique to identify and analyze relevant websites. Out of 34 sites, 29 exhibited a high probability of appearing across different platforms, indicating their aggressive and harmful nature. The study proposes a nationwide ban on assignment-writing services as a top-down strategy to safeguard education quality and integrity in the UAE.

To cite this game:

Khan, Z.R. The devil’s in the detail – counting unique and organic contract cheating sites targeting higher education students in the UAE as a call to delegitimize them. Int J Educ Integr 18, 21 (2022).

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