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Since 2020, ECAIU has launched a variety of initiatives for students and teachers/faculty. If you are interested to participate, organise or become a member of any of the initiatives below, get in touch with us today!

Integrity Spring Camp

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Ignite Integrity Spring Camp for school students is a great way to get students involved in hands-on activities to develop deeper understanding of academic integrity values and writing skills before they transition to tertiary education...


Practitioners' Series

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CAIU Practitioners’ Series is a place where we invite faculty and researchers to share their thoughts and practices on academic integrity, assessment design, students and a whole lot more!


Integrity Debate Championship

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The Integrity Debate Championship, launched in 2021, stands as a pioneering event in the region, heralding a transformative approach to education. Year after year, this remarkable competition brings together students from 20 to 30 schools, fostering an environment where young minds can engage, interact, and ignite conversations about the paramount significance of integrity values.

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