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🎥 Lights, camera, integrity! 🌟

In an age where information flows rapidly and the boundaries of knowledge expand endlessly, the fundamental values of honesty, ethics, and academic integrity have never been more crucial. As students, we are the torchbearers of these principles, responsible for upholding them in the academic realm and beyond.


In recognition of this, ECAIU proudly presents the "Integrity Short Film Festival" (InShoFF), a unique platform that encourages university students to express their thoughts and creativity while championing the values of academic integrity.

We, the ECAIU Student Board, cordially invite university students from all corners of the academic landscape to be a part of this exciting event. The Integrity Short Film Festival challenges you to dive deep into the heart of integrity, explore its multifaceted dimensions, and convey your thoughts through the medium of live-action film. Your creativity and storytelling abilities will play a pivotal role in shaping a narrative that reminds us all of the importance of academic integrity.

The "Integrity Short Film Festival" is more than just a competition; it's an opportunity for you to be part of a movement that champions integrity in education, research, and scholarship. Let your creativity and vision illuminate the path to a more ethically grounded future.

Way Back Docu-Film (2021)

CAIU Student Board

Organized during the week 'Celebrating Academic Integrity' marking the first anniversary of the Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE, the panel showcases international speakers engaging with our Student Board and Active Committee members as our students present their first short film "Way Back".

The first InSoFF'24 is scheduled for October 2024. This festival is a platform for students to showcase their cinematic prowess and passion for preserving the integrity of education. We encourage you to brainstorm and create compelling content that resonates with the topics surrounding academic integrity.

To ensure fairness and excellence, we request all participants to submit their videos well in advance for evaluation by a panel of esteemed judges. Remember, the films should be live-action, not animated or comprised of images, and we kindly remind you to refrain from using generative AI tools to develop your video or script. However, if you do employ such tools, please provide a clear disclaimer and attribution to acknowledge their use.

Join us in this cinematic celebration of academic integrity, as we shine a spotlight on the values that guide us in our journey through the world of knowledge. We look forward to witnessing your artistic interpretations and the powerful messages you have to share. Get ready to take the stage, express your ideas, and inspire others in the name of integrity! 📽️🎬

Deadline to register and submit film - 12 October 2024

Participation - individual or in teams of 2-3 university students

Winners announced - 20 October 2024



  1. Cheating - A responsibility of the individual? Or society?

  2. Academic dishonesty experienced in real life situations as a university student and how to combat them.

  3. Role of Gen AI in Academic Integrity- good or bad? along with possible solutions. 

Unleash Your Best

Win exciting prizes!

Duration of the film            - 10 to 15 minutes 

Participants per group      - 2 to 4 members

Deadline for submission   - 12 October2024

Deadline for registration   - 12 October 2024

Judging and Awards        - 20 October 2024
(virtual participation option available)

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