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Symposium on Academic Integrity (SAI)

ECAIU and UOWD are excited to bring you a half-day national-level Symposium on Academic Integrity (SAI) for UAE. In partnership with Centre for Educational Innovation at Zayed University and ALLT (Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching), this event aims to bring together scholars, practitioners, students and policymakers to explore the intersections of governance, artificial intelligence (AI), and the principles of academic integrity.

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SAI'24 Theme - Governance, AI, and Academic Integrity


  • Explore the Impact of AI on Governance and Academic Integrity: Discuss how AI technologies influence governance models and academic practices, including issues of trust, transparency, and ethical considerations.

  • Facilitate Cross-disciplinary Dialogue: Create a platform for interaction between different disciplines and fields, encouraging a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of governance, AI, and academic integrity.

  • Identify Best Practices: Share insights and strategies on integrating AI into governance and educational practices while upholding high standards of academic integrity.

  • Encourage Innovative Research and Collaboration: Inspire new research directions and foster collaborations among participants to address complex issues related to AI, governance, and academic integrity.

Submission Guidelines


  • Abstracts should be no more than 250 words, clearly outlining the talk's objectives, methodology/practice, results, and relevance to the symposium's theme.

  • No citations. ChatGPT or any other GenAI should not be used to generate the abstract. If author uses a GenAI tool, this must be mentioned in acknowledgements clearly with screen shots and prompts.

  • Please include a brief bio of the presenter(s) along with the abstract in a separate Title page.

  • Submissions should be uploaded to this link by extended deadline due to weather conditions - 29th April 2024.

Symposium Format


The main segment of the symposium will feature a series of 10- minute lightning talks, grouped into sessions of three talks each, followed by a 30-minute discussion period. This format is designed to maximize engagement and facilitate in-depth discussions on each topic.

Venue and Registration



Please mark your calendars for Saturday, 4th May, and stay tuned for further information.

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Symposium Details

📅 Date - 4th May 2024 Saturday

📍 Venue – Innovation Center, Zayed University Dubai Campus, Academic City

⏰ Time – 9:00AM to 2:00PM

🍽️ Light Lunch and ☕/🍵 will be provided

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Call for Proposals


We invite scholars, practitioners, students and policymakers interested in governance, AI, and academic integrity to submit proposals for 10-minute lightning talks. These presentations may provide insights, research findings, or practical case studies related to the symposium's theme. Proposals will be reviewed by the organizing committee, and selected speakers will be invited to present their work in one of the three sessions.

SAI Agenda


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Registration now closed
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