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Welcome to the AIVAS Workshop series, where your journey into the realms of academic integrity begins!


Tailored for both transitioning students and those already navigating the waters of higher education, our workshops are inspired by the pioneering "Next-Level Preparedness" module developed by Khan et al. (2021). With an understanding of your busy schedules, we've distilled this originally three-day course into engaging 90-minute sessions, each packed with essential insights and practical tools to empower your academic pursuits.

Dive into the core of academic integrity with us, as we explore policies, writing and literacy skills, and the art of reflection through interactive storytelling, discussions led by our integrity ambassadors, and hands-on writing exercises.


Whether you're learning to identify academic misconduct, understanding the value of integrity in your studies and future career, or grasping your crucial role in your educational journey, these workshops are designed to boost your confidence and knowledge. With an impressive 94.60% of our past participants feeling more confident about academic integrity, we invite you to join us in this enriching experience. If you're keen to navigate the academic world with integrity and excellence, the AIVAS Workshop is your next step forward.


Let's embark on this transformative journey together!


Khan, Z. R., Hysaj, A., John, S. and Khan, S. (2021, June). Gateway to preparing K-12 students for higher education – reflections on organizing an academic integrity camp [Presentation]. European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2021, Sweden.

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