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To bring together educators, students and industry to discuss, create and promote the culture of integrity across school and university campuses in the UAE.


The Centre runs focused workshops and training for faculty and staff at school and tertiary levels to raise awareness, promote integrity and develop skills in assessment design to help foster a cutlure of integrity in their classrooms 


Students are the most crucial stakeholders in building a culture of integrity. That is why at the Centre we focus explcitly on engaging students through various educative, fun, interactive and creative channels, events and programs. 

tree PNG.png

CAIU Tree of Hope (dedicated to the loving memory of Late Professor Tracey Bretag)


Integrity is a fundamental element of life, not just in education. Integrity helps develop individuals who are active and contributing members to society.  It promotes responsibility and respect and helps us be more mindful and philanthropic. Teaching integrity begins at home, and then in the classrooms, corridors, playgrounds, canteens and beyond. But sometimes, when we are so caught up in focusing on what do – teaching content, we can often overlook the need to ensure integrity is embedded in our approach. In 2016 the first seeds of an idea were sown.  This notion of creating a possible Centre of Excellence  began during the closing session of the first international conference on academic integrity, held at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. The late Professor Tracey Bretag and Dr Teddi Fishman, then President of Executive Board and President of International Centre for Academic Integrity respectively were instrumental in this.  These scholars attended the conference, not only as Keynote Speakers but as catalysts for change in the region.  They firmly indicated the need for a central body that would be supported collectively by local universities and run by faculty and researchers from within the country to benefit the greater community. ​ In the four years since this event, Dubai (UAE) has hosted a second international conference, European Network for Academic Integrity’s 6th International Conference Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond 2020, and a series of awareness campaigns and events.  We have seen a significant increase in interest among faculty and academics to initiate research, dialogue and conversation around issues surrounding integrity in academia. ​ The culmination of all of these factors has led to the launch of the UAE Centre for Academic Integrity (UAI).  A founding group of seven teachers and researchers have come together to engage in this pioneering effort to support the greater community.  The founding members have received tremendous support in this endeavor from national and international champions of academic integrity from Canada to Australia, USA to Europe. ​ The tree in our logo symbolises the stage we have reached in launching the centre. The tree has yet to bear fruit; but the path has been set and we hope to walk it with the community’s support. ​ -Dr Zeenath Reza Khan (President) & Dr Christopher Hill (Vice President)

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