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The Integrity Debate Championship, launched in 2021, stands as a pioneering event in the region, heralding a transformative approach to education.


Year after year, this remarkable competition brings together students from 20 to 30 schools, fostering an environment where young minds can engage, interact, and ignite conversations about the paramount significance of integrity values.

At the heart of this initiative lies a unique opportunity for schools to select a dynamic duo of students from Grades 9 to 11, empowering them to represent their institution in an intellectually charged debate. Here, students not only sharpen their rhetorical skills but also delve into the essential discourse surrounding integrity in a safe and supportive setting.


Beyond the competition, participants have the privilege of networking with international experts, enriching their understanding of the world and its values.

The Integrity Debate Championship isn't just a contest; it's a platform that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow, instilling in them the virtues of integrity that will guide their path to success.

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2023 Integrity Debate Championship will be held in conjunction with Asia, Middle East, Africa Conference on Academic and Research Integrity 2023

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