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Integrity Roadshow 2023 - what a ride!

In anticipation of ACARI 2023, an Academic Integrity Roadshow was meticulously organized. This pioneering initiative set out to unite a diverse audience of educators, researchers, students, and industry professionals, all with the shared objective of fostering and nurturing a culture of integrity within educational institutions, both at the school and university levels, throughout the region.

As part of this dynamic Roadshow, the esteemed Dr. Salim Razi, Vice Dean, Faculty of Education, Cannakale 18 Mart University Turkiye and founding board member of European Network for Academic Integrity was extended a special invitation. Together, we embarked on an inspiring journey, visiting not only four prominent universities but also several K-12 schools. This comprehensive itinerary allowed us to engage with a wide spectrum of educational stakeholders, enabling meaningful discussions, idea generation, and the proactive promotion of academic integrity. This multifaceted approach reflects the commitment of the Roadshow to catalyze positive change and uphold the principles of integrity across diverse educational landscapes in the region.

The event took place from 2 - 5 May 2023 and was sponsored by Studiosity, University of Wollongong in Dubai and organised by ECAIU

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