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ACARI2023... fantastic end to a great 2023!

The curtains have closed on the highly anticipated Asia - Middle East - Africa Conference on Academic and Research Integrity 2023 (ACARI2023), marking a significant chapter in the advancement of academic integrity across borders. With over 150 delegates attending on campus, and 100 online, this was a regional conference gone global, showcasing participation from over 30 countries!

ACARI2023, the first of its kind in the region, brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, sponsors, and partners who collectively propelled the conference to success. Platinum sponsors Turnitin and Studiosity, alongside silver sponsor BriefLands Publishing and bronze sponsor Epigeum, played pivotal roles in shaping the event into a dynamic platform for dialogue and collaboration.

Dubai Tourism's endorsement as the destination partner provided a fitting backdrop to the conference, showcasing the city's appeal as a hub for academic discourse and innovation which began with a fun-filled desert safari as a pre-conference social event. The University of Lahore's sponsorship further underscored the global reach of the event, facilitating the participation of delegates from Pakistan.

The conference featured an esteemed lineup of speakers, including Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, Dr. Thomas Lancaster, and Professor Ann Rogerson, whose thought-provoking presentations enriched discussions on academic integrity. Workshops led by Dr. Shivadas Sivasubramanian and Dr. Sonja Bjelobaba offered hands-on learning experiences, complementing panel discussions on topics ranging from global education to health science research ethics.

Acknowledgment extends to session moderators, chairs, delegates, attendees, and K-12 participants, whose active engagement fostered a vibrant atmosphere of learning and collaboration throughout the conference.

Special recognition was reserved for winners and awardees of all the competitions that were run for university and K-12 school students and institutions, including recipients of the Best Paper Presentations, whose contributions added depth and insight to the discourse on academic integrity.

The dedication of Middlesex University Dubai Campus student volunteers underscored the integral role of students in shaping the future of academia.

The commendable efforts of the Middlesex University team, ENAI WG Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE, and partner campuses further emphasized the collaborative spirit that underpinned the success of ACARI2023.

VIP guests and dignitaries, including His Excellency Jamal Hossain, the Consul General of Bangladesh to UAE and Mrs. Rania Sheir, Senior Specialist from Ministry of Education, added prestige to the conference's proceedings, highlighting the significance of academic integrity on a global scale.

The conclusion of ACARI2023 marks a significant milestone in the journey towards fostering academic integrity and collaboration across the Asia - Middle East - Africa region. Founders Dr Salim Razi, Dr Zeenath Reza Khan, Dr Shahid Soroya and Dr Muaawia Hamza along with local committee chair Dr Sreejith Balasubramaniam and technical chair Dr Chris Hill expressed gratitude for the support of all participants and welcomed feedback to ensure continued growth and progress within the academic integrity community.

ACARI2025 bid has been won by the Pakistan delegation!

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